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.: CM: Elena :.

Commission for :iconnaoyi: !

so sorry being so late ; u ; )

this will be my last commission in a while- hiatus because of university prep :iconsopsplz:
- - - -
Art: sharumii
Character: Elena by naoyi (page and dA use only, please credit me in your signature or page!) 
FSR: Athena Marques by sharumii
FSR: Athena Marques


   + || [N] A M E:

 Athena Marques

   + || [G] E N D E R:

                                    Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara 

   + || [A] G E: 

                                    Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara 20

   + || [F] A M I L Y:  

                                    Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Corleoni

   + || [T] I T L E:

Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara  Raven

   + || [R] A N K: 

                                    Cog Mini Pixel by Gasara Soldier

   + || [L] E V E L: Level 1

  •     Strength (STR): 3 (2 Corleoni + 1 Gun)
  •     Vitality/Defense (VIT): 2
  •     Dexterity (DEX): 6 ( 5 + 1 Gun)
  •     Intelligence (INT): 4 ( 3 + 1 Gun)

|| [S] T R E N G T H S:

+ Speed: Expect her to pull out her gun, ready to shoot down an enemy in an instant. Her reaction time is fairly decent.

Accuracy: Due to years of using her dual pistols, Rebellion, she is able to pinpoint the vital points of enemies and take them down swiftly.

Street smart: Athena has lived without the depending on someone or her family for years. Her instincts are sharp and she can navigate streets and buildings easily.

[W] E A K N E S S E S:

- Physical body: Athena does not have many muscles which leads to her having a fairly weak body. Although she may have the strength the take down a couple enemies by herself, Athena’s main weakness is close combat as her strength is using long-ranged weapons (mainly guns/throwing knives) She cannot defeat an entire group of opponents without help from her comrades at close combat. This also leads to her fear of close combat weapons. 

  • her dexterity with melee weapons are rather low 
  • she cannot maintain full strength and can tire out easily from long battles (therefore, medium to low stamina)

- Defense: Athena is not experienced in combat and can get fatally injured from critical hits when vulnerable

|| [W] E A P O N:

Rebellion: Dual pistols stolen from a soldier that Athena has been using for many years. It has been upgraded multiple times and although may not be the best gun, she has grown attached and accustomed to it.

|| [H] I S T O R Y:

  •       Born in Loughborough, England 
  •       Father murdered her mother and almost her sister out of aggression
  •       Athena was forced to shoot her father in order to stop him from harming her older sister
  •       Her older sister, who was a skilled scientist consumed by greed for wealth and power, betrayed Athena and worked for Le             Sovrano in developing the Coniugatore
  •       Escaped to New Italy 
    • Joined and trained with gangs to accumlate data about Sovrano. Eventually heard about the 4 familes. 
  •       Saved by one of Don’s men in a critical situation despite being a complete stranger
  •       Heard about the Don’s plans and faced him, determined to risk her life by working for him to fight for freedom

|| [P] E R S O N A L I T Y:


            Once a compassionate and soft-hearted girl, Athena suffered betrayals throughout her life, unable to trust neither people nor their words. Emerging as cold-hearted and ruthless, she has survived by maintaining a barrier with others as she believed that it would only bring her own downfall to trust others. In most situations, she doesn’t let emotions such as fear take over her and hinder her original goal.

 However, Athena is strong in her beliefs and believes in what is truly right. The Don has gained her respect as one of his men saved her in a heated battle with no ammo, despite being a stranger. Injured and exhausted, Athena was on the verge of death and was saved. She found Don’s actions and plan’s against the government trustworthy. From that point on, she began having hope into trusting people and decided to side with Don to fight for freedom.

Perhaps, her allies who she would work with could possibly break down the barriers, gain her trust, and bring out the positive attributes of her. Athena actually doesn’t mind company but doesn’t show it  

Athena is quite tom-boyish, preferring things that guys tend to like (such as wearing hoodies, regular dark clothing).

|| [I] N T E R E S T S & [D] I S L I K E S:

+ Enjoys ruining Sovrano's plans (e.g sabotaging their equipment or stealing weapons/resources for common good)
+ Animals (has an extreme soft spot for cats)

+ Rebellion, her gun, and other long ranged weapons (sniper rifles)

+ Freedom (Although Athena had no one to depend on for years alone, she loves the feeling of being able to do whatever she liked and despised the feeling of being restrained) 

    -       Killing/Harming of innocents

    -       Sovrano- developed a hatred as her last family member, older sister, abandoned her for recognition and a better life


|| [E] X T R A: 

                ஜ Athena’s love for cats came from her mother (her family kept one but passed away- hit and run) 

                ஜ She ties her hair up, conceals her face with a bandana and wears dark hoodie/clothing (making her appear as a male) to                     conceal her identity when undercover, e.g. sabotaging Sovrano's facilities or stealing weapons/resources

|| [R] E L A T I O N S H I P:


- - - -

Awesomee fanart of Athena created by Lakelezz!

Last Beating Hearts by Lakelezz




| commission |info

Free button: Commission closed 2 by Mimru

Hello~ Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] by Jerikuto
Commissions are closed! I'll open these when I have time from school won't be soon tho //cry
- - - - -

:bulletorange: dA pixel icon :points: UNDECIDED
:tea: 50 px by 50 px (anime chibi)
:tea: females for now only- sorry ; v ; 
:tea: eyes blinking and cat ears twitching! * 7 *
{ note me for additional animation or any questions! }

.: CM: Ria :. by sharumii

:bulletorange: Pixel chibi doll :points: 300
:tea: 120 px by 120 px
:tea: females for now only- sorry ; v ; 
//order two, get a free pixel icon (with blinking animation)
{ animated eyes that blink, side hair/ bangs animation free} 

.:CM: Miss-Gardenia :. by sharumii.: CM: Xaferis :. by sharumii.: CM: Xaferis-2 :. by sharumii.: CM: Lacie :. by sharumii

Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara

:bulletorange: Pixel doll on cloud :points: 350
:tea: females for now only- sorry ; v ; 
:tea: { animated eyes that blink }
:tea: NOTE: example below is old and quality will be better

 photo New-Canvas_zps9445ff04.gif

 Note me the details!  Emoji02

Style:  { Pixel icon or page doll }
Reference: { Please link me to a coloured reference of your character, the more the better :D
Other: { Feel free to ask me any questions and I will see what I can do for you ^ v ^ }


- I start commissions when I receive the payment 
- Please do not rush me, I am a student so note that there will be delay ;; school is harsh and stressing OTL
- Please don't complain about prices, I really devote a lot time and effort into my art.
- If I haven't started the commission, only till then I can refund the points back
- I delete deviations from time to time, so please save your commission when you have received it 
- I do not: do anything 18+ , or reserve slots
>> I have the right to decline

:damphyr: Pixel icon: CLOSED
:damphyr: Pixel chibi doll: CLOSED

:damphyr: Pixel doll on cloud: CLOSED


- Ria nom nom by Emoji-kun


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